Setting up Cloudflare via Liquidweb and NS miss-matched

We are hosting with Liquidweb and on their portal they do provide connectivity with Cloudflare and when you add a domain it will tell you which NS records to point to.
We did that change on our NS and then when I go to Cloudflare and add the domain their hoping it will pick the NS record which liquidweb had provided us…Cloudflare say to change this to another ns record.

Liquidweb is unable to support now. Has anyone experienced this.
What should I do?

You need to decide if you want to use LiquidWeb’s NS or Cloudflare’s.

If you use theirs you will have no control on the domain, if you use Cloudflare’s it will be in your account and you are free to use all the features.

I am sorry, maybe my query was not very clear. The domain name is registered with another registra ( and while the server is hosted with L/Web, L/wed is saying that “hey we do support Cloudflare” which I am begining to discover is very minuscule and maybe just a marketing gimmick on L/Webs part.

On L/web portal they allow to add a domain (wherever it maybe registered) and then on their portal they show which Cloudflare based NS records to point to.

I have done the change to the NS record where the domain name is registar (.fj). Then I add a domain on Cloudflare which when creating the DNS say have to change the NS provided by L/Web to another clouldflare based NS.

I can do this change on but that would mean L/Web will say use X NS while I am using Y NS from CF.

And this is what i was asking if anyone has experienced this as I wanted to use L/Webs support to help me setup the CDN which I don’t have any experience with.

You’ll either need to use NS Lweb provides and use Lweb as a hosting provider not a cdn. Or use NS Cloudflare provides for you and use Cloudflare as a CDN.

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