Setting up Cloudflare using CNAME records when we have existing CNAME record

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We are considering transitioning to Cloudflare for our domain’s security and performance needs, particularly in light of a recent DDoS attack that has highlighted the urgency of enhancing our defenses. However, our current setup includes a few complexities, and I’m seeking advice on the best way to integrate Cloudflare under these conditions:

Domain and Email Hosting: Our domain is registered and hosted with, which we also rely on for our email services. Due to this, changing our domain’s name servers to Cloudflare’s is not an option for us, as we wish to maintain our email services uninterrupted.

Website Hosting via Our website is hosted on, and access to it is configured through a CNAME record.

Given these specifics, could you please provide detailed guidance on how we can integrate Cloudflare with our existing configuration? We are particularly interested in understanding the possibilities of a CNAME setup or any alternative solutions that would allow us to use Cloudflare’s services without altering our name servers or affecting our email services hosted by

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your recent DDoS attack.

You are correct in your thinking regarding CNAME setup being the way forward. This setup allows you to keep your nameservers/authoritative DNS with and then use CNAME records to proxy through Cloudflare.

There are some limitations with the CNAME setup though - we cannot protect the root/apex domain - we can only protect subdomains (eg. , or - Unless provide CNAME flattening at the root/apex as part of their DNS features - then you could protect the root/apex

In terms of I did some quick research and I cannot see any reason why this would be an issue being used as an origin web server for Cloudflare - however this also may be one you may want to check with their support team, if you are concerned and want to know if there are any caveats about using Cloudflare + Ooho together.

Following this guide will allow you to onboard onto CNAME setup - Set up a partial (CNAME) zone · Cloudflare DNS docs

Let us know if anything does not make sense.

Hope this helps!

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