Setting up cloudflare on b2 private bucket

I want to setup Cloudflare CDN to speed up my Backblaze B2 bucket. It’s a private one so I’m using this tutorial:

I see however that tutorial doesn’t quite match the current Cloudflare interface.

I am hoping to to take this step by step, i’m not a programmer.

The tutorial isn’t very clear or a step by step. But it has a script at the bottom of the page I assume is for the worker script.

So on Cloudflare I got to workers at the top, then → Manage workers → create a worker?

When I do that it has a part for a script. I paste my script in there?

(I put in all the my information into that script…which I assume activates when I click a link on my site… that link will be the route i set on cloudflare?)

Then I try to save / deploy it says my worker will be available at: some random subdomain

BTW what is a subdomain? Is that the site i’m running the script on? my site is, but it made a different subdomain based on my email?

Then I try to save / deploy it gives me an error.

Cannot use import statement outside a module at line 1 ( code 10021)
We could not find a worker script on your account. (code 10007)

So I haven’t gotten past this step. I can’t proceed…

Also there is a section on the worker script page where it says HTTP / PREVIEW / SCHEDULE
it shows a dropdown with GET at the top… and to the right It shows a website address… I’m not sure what goes in this area so I left it as is…

But the tutorial seems to show the domain you want cloudflare running is that same address…
I just don’t understand what all that is… so i left as is.

So anyhow just trying to get clear on this. Help appreciated.


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