Setting up Cloudflare for server with multiple domains

Hi Cloudflare Community.

I recently switched over our domain littleglassart . co to using Cloudflare. The same server also host and After making the switch littleglassart seems to be working great but both others are unreachable.

Am I missing something needed in the DNS records or do all the domains hosted on that web server need to have the name server pointing to Cloudflare?

Thanks much in advance and apologize if there is already a thread which covers this.

Were these domains reachable on the server before Cloudflare? You need to make sure they are before adding them to Cloudflare. Cloudflare itself does not care where they are, it just proxies requests.

Thanks for the quick reply Sandro! Both were reachable before making the switch. Ideally, id like to be using the Cloudflare service but both other sites hosted really don’t require it.

Since they are hosted on the same server do all sites need to be ran through Cloudflare or am I missing something in the setup to leave both the other sites as they were before?

The issue here is these two other domains use the third one for their nameservers and you apparently did not add the necessary nameserver records.

Assuming you do not want to use Cloudflare for the other two domains as well, you will just need to add the necessary A records for your nameservers to Cloudflare and you should be good again.

Ah perfect. That makes sense. I’ll give that a go, seems like a very logical solution.

Thanks so very much!

Hang on, just noticed you do have the records, however they are proxied. You need to unproxy ns1 and ns2.

You’re magical! Thanks so much, that did the trick. Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the quick response and help!

Pleasure, glad it got sorted out.

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