Setting up Cloudflare for Reverse Proxy

New to using CloudFlare, and have a hosting server that I want behind the CloudFlare CDN. Looking to use a reverse proxy to point to the public IP of my server but I don’t need a FQDN (i.e. How do I go about adding a pubilc IP (with dynamic dns?) or a subdomain to CloudFlare and set up a reverse proxy to point to that public IP?


I did some extra research and it looks like Reverse Proxy is an Enterprise solution only. Given that information, how can I use Cloudflare to protect my back-end server with the ‘Free Plan’? Super new to CF so if anyone could point me toward a few pages to read I’d greatly appreciate it.
To clarify, I have a back-end server that hosts content and has a public IP. I want to use CF to allow access to the server without exposing the IP. HTTPS, FTP, and potentially VPN sockets are what I need to host.
Thanks in advance for any information / links provided.

You still need to add a new domain (FQDN) to Cloudflare before you can proceed further.

But if you are looking for free domain to use, consider getting one from

@erictung Thank you for that clarification. Could you point me to a CloudFlare(CF) help article that explains how CF is meant to be used for ‘Free Plan’ users?

The onboarding process is going to be similar for all users with any plans, but you may refer to these:

If you need to protect FTP and VPN ports other than HTTP, then yes you need an Enterprise product called Cloudflare Spectrum.

Else, if you just need to protect your website and nothing else, then the free plan is sufficient.

Anyway, both ways require you to add a domain to Cloudflare.

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