Setting up CloudFlare DNSSEC in BlueHost

Searching did not give me an answer, so here we go.

Trying to set DNSSEC on BlueHost, nothing listed on cloudflare for Bluehost.
Opened ticket with BlueHost and they ask the following…

What type of record?(A record,Cname,ect)


Points to?


Reading here these questions refer to “regular records” which apparently DNSSEC is not?

Any and all help appreciated.

Is Bluehost your domain registrar?

Thanks you for responding.
If I understand this screenshot correctly…BlueHost

It looks like it. They should know how to enable DNSSEC at their end if it’s possible. Cloudflare’s DNS section will have this info in the DNSSEC box. What’s under “Security” in your screenshot? Could it have their DNSSEC setting there? I couldn’t locate DNSSEC help documents at Bluehost.

I see the info at cloudflare under DNSSEC.
@ Bluehost Nothing under Security, just transfer lock, buy domain privacy, and Transfer Authorization / EPP Code …

SUCCESS! They (Bluehost through chat) created a custom record and CoudFlare now recognizes it.

Hope this helps someones else…


All, (incl Cloudflare support writers.)

I just got the link from Bluehost for where to self-server setup the DNSSEC.
It is painful to sometimes get them to understand what you want - so wanted to share the direct access link to simply self configure. :slight_smile:

Happy times adding more security to your sites.


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