Setting up cloudfare with Google Appspot and Google domains


I’m no sure if I set up my DNS properly. I’m using appspot for hosting and Google Domain for domain.

In appspot I have the following information available:

Custom domain name        Record Type                      Data  Alias
{}                A                 {ipaddr1} (None)
                                    A                 {ipaddr2}
                                    A                 {ipaddr3}
                                    A                 {ipaddr4}
www.{}        CNAME  www

I’m not entirely sure whether this is the right information that I should be transferring to cloudfare (since I cannot access the appspot website using any of these ip addresses given in Data column). Anyway, I added them to cloudfare records, so my DNS records look like this here:

Type  Name                   Value                               TTL
A     {}   points to {ipaddr4}                 Automatic
A     {}   points to {ipaddr3}                 Automatic
A     {}   points to {ipaddr2}                 Automatic
A     {}   points to {ipaddr1}                 Automatic
CNAME www                    is an alias of   Automatic

In Google Domains I’m using custom name servers ( and, but I didn’t make any other changes.

I currently cannot access my website using the domain (I could do that before when I used Google DNSs), as I said I don’t think my DNS records are not correct, but I don’t really know where to get the correct information if that is so. I might also need to do some extra steps, that I’m not aware of.

For starters, whats the domain?

The issue was fixed over time automatically. So I guess it was due to the delay to propagate information to DNS (Google DNS immediate stopped serving for that domain I guess).

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