Setting up cdn via Dreamhost with free account

Hi I am a new WordPress website owner on Dreamhost. I wanted to set my site up with Cloudflare cdn but wasn’t quite sure which would be the best way. I started to add the site on the Cloudflare account that I created (free subscription) but then saw I could add it directly through the dreamhost panel. I ended up deleting the site before completing all the steps (leaving my account blank).

If I add the site through Dreamhost will it automatically add back to my account or do I need to take any additional steps?

If I add it directly through Cloudflare what steps do I need to take with dreamhost?

Is there anything I need to do with the the WP Supercache plugin when I set up the cdn?

I know I’m throwing out a lot of questions here.

Thanks in advance


Dreamhost allow you to connect to curent account or create new account. If you connect, then you still need to take action as normal
If you create new account, the same start from the beginning.

Dreamhost will create account for you and you do the rest

Which CDN do you use? Cloudflare free CDN or paid plan or other paid CDN?

Before I deleted my site entry off Cloudflare I had selected the free account.

I advise against third party integrations such as this. You lose some configuration control over Cloudflare.

Setting up at Cloudflare is relatively easy. You may have done some of this so far:

  1. Duplicate all DNS records from Dreamhost over to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Change name servers at your domain registrar, as instructed by the onboarding process.

Then you can start from the beginning, but i suggest you create account at cloudflare, setup it and then just use dreamhost as hosting, no need to use cloudflare via dreamhost. You will lose some featured

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One question I have with that. One of the dns entries had a yellow flag (an auto config record) with a warning that the entry exposed my ip address. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at that point. That’s why I didn’t complete the setup.

I bet you have email included in your hosting plan. It’s perfectly normal for email to expose the origin IP address (the one shared by your website) because Cloudflare does not proxy email.

You’d have the same issue even if Dreamhost set you up at Cloudflare.

I set up Email through zoho and updated the dns records accordingly.

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Without revealing too much, which DNS record had the warning?

SRV record

Actually I see 2 auto configs…I’m not sure which one was flagged SRV or CNAME

SRV quite often is used for direct connections because Cloudflare doesn’t proxy that traffic. This is sometimes for VoIP or Minecraft.

I don’t use Autoconfig, so I don’t know if it’s an HTTP protocol that can be :orange: Proxied.

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