Setting up Blogger Subdomain & SSL handshake failed

Hi there, my domain is Actually I want to learn how to create subdomain and connect it with blogger. I have been trying about 2 days. I have already created a subdomain. My main domain site: and my subdomain site is: I have connected both of the sites to blogger. But if I goes to or It works correctly. But if I goes to It shows "SSL handshake failed Error code 525 " I have a tried loas of things but unable to fix. I am giving some of my sites setting screenshots. Please tell me what is the problem? How to fix this?

In your screenshot it says HTTPS is disabled on Google, which explains why you get that error.

This is not a Cloudflare error, but your server is not properly configured. You can try to enable that, but should it not work you best pause Cloudflare until the site loads fine on HTTPS. Once it does, you can enable Cloudflare again.

I have enabled it but still seeing the problem. If I need SSL to solve this?

As I wrote

As I am not using ssl for It has no HTTPS availability.
Check here:

An after pausing Cloudflare on Site it has closed the connection. If you can give me some instructions to create subdomain and set it up without those errors.

You are right, with pausing you could confim that this is a host issue. I am afraid you need to contact Google about this as there is an SSL issue on their server and they have not issued the certificate yet.

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