Setting up Autoptimize plugin with cloudflare

I’m using siteground fo hosting and I set up cloudflare for the following website (subdomain is active on siteground portal) :
Performance on google insight are good however, website is working only on desktop. There is an issue on mobile phone (home page is blocked -> style issue ??).

I have entered the following url on autoptimize plugin : If I remove url in autoptimize plugin, everything works but performance are very bad for mobile device.

Thanks for your help

Cloudflare doesn’t use a special CDN subdomain like other CDNs do. Leave that blank.

However, there is a problem with putting www in front of a subdomain:

Thanks. I’ve just corrected issue with www. It will be good in few minutes.
If I remove CDN url, google insight score is very bad for mobile. Do you have advices to improve this google insight score?

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