Setting up Argo Tunnel on Windows Server - Config.yml issue

After extracting the cloudflared.exe 64-bit executable to C:\Cloudflared, I ran the login process, which generated the cert.pem file no problem. I copied it to my C:\Cloudflared folder, and run the “service install” command, which installed the service fine, but the service wont start.

When running cloudflared.exe directly, I get the error:

`ERRO[0000] Failed to start app service          error="unable to find config file"`

Can someone point me to a doc to help me with what I’m doing wrong? I am running IIS and hosting two sites:



Have you found a solution to this? I’ve tried installing the cloudflared svc to my arm server and get this error everytime I try to run the “cloudflared” command. I can’t even execute the login process as I get this same error every time I try to even start the program?

Sorry, didn’t see this before. You need to check where it wants the config.yml file and create it there with the appropriate configuration. You need a file and a service per website. The second service needs to be configured manually as a Windows Service using PowerShell.


Assuming Windows is installed to C:\ , when running as a service, Argo Tunnel expects the configuration to be available at the following path:

C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\.cloudflared\config.yml .

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