Setting up and routing your traffic through Cloudflare

This tutorial covers creating a Cloudflare account, adding a domain, changing nameservers and checking imported DNS records.

1. Go to and click 'Sign Up’

2. Enter your Email and create a password, read the terms and notices and click ‘Create Account’

3. Enter your website

4. Click ‘Add Site’

5. Select your plan.

6. Choose 'Quick scan’

8. Check that these DNS records match those listed at your domain registrar / web host and add any that are needed

9. Click any orange clouds (:orange:) to turn them grey (:grey:) and click ‘Continue’

10. Copy the nameservers required by Cloudflare

11. Log in to your Domain registrar and edit the nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare

12. Once you have changed them, click ‘Continue’ at Cloudflare

13. Click ‘Re-check now’

14. The changes may take some time to propagate but you should see this message once it is complete

15. Visit your website and check that it is functioning correctly

NOTE, your website will not be using Cloudflare’s SSL at this point, you should follow the info here to do that