Setting up alerts


Does CloudFlare have any alerting functionality. I was looking for alerts when CloudFlare has gone into Always On mode in particular, basically where here is a connection error of somekind




Unfortunately not.

But you can run simple HTTP checks waiting for regular expressions like the CloudFlare error codes with Nagios, Icinga, CheckMK or other tools


Thanks. That is a shame. One thing I thought was that we could do a pattern match using Pingdom to check that the ‘you are viewing the cached page’ text doesn’t appear




I don’t know how this message is displayed but I guess it’s some kind of JS. I can’t imagine that Pingdom supports it. If they do you could easily search for a pattern within the message.

Or create a small page that isn’t cached at all and run a check against it which alerts you when a HTTP error is shown.

I’ve no other ideas at the moment.

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