Setting up a subdomain in cloudflare - dns records

I am trying to create a subdomain record in cloudflare. CF does not allow me to set up a www record using the subdomain. I followed directions on these two pages: * Redirecting www to domain apex

Just to clarify, can someone show me where to get instructions on how to set up a subdomain in Cloudflare? I am not able to get them to work if I use www in the URL. Any help would be appreciated.

You can follow the guide below for resolution on error 522:

To create a subdomain in Cloudflare you can substitute the IP for the example record to where you want to send it.

We were able to solve the issue by disabling www for the subdomain on the web host. I am not a developer, so the directions on the link you provided are beyond my experience. But thanks for your reply - Kay

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