Setting up a Redirect wildcard

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I need some assistance please…

I would like to know how to add a Wildcard redirect on something. I am assuming this is what’s needed. I am not an expert in this field but I have done some searching and just not sure how to set this up.

I have a site on Kajabi that’s using Cloudflare and currently the blogs are setup this way, so I will call each blog /1 , /2, /3 and so on but I don’t want it to say /blog is there a way to have a forwarder to remove the /blog? My initial outcome would be

Hope that makes sense and that someone can assist me.

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I think you are not talking about a redirection, but you just want your blog being hosted on another URL like: ==> Blog 1 ==> Blog 2 ==> Blog 3

Or do you want to redirect from: ==> ==> ==>


If you want to achive the first thing then CloudFlare will not be able to directly help you there as this should be achived by changing server and application settings/configurations.

So the question is:

  1. do you want to change the baseURL of your Blogs
  2. create a redirect that goes like this: ==> and redirects all visitors from to

I guess this is something you want to achieve.

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Hey @M4rt1n thanks so much for your response.

The blog is on Kajabi and by default the url adds the /blog. I want to remove the /blog Redirect to

is this possible?

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Oh awesome @erictung let me give this a try! :slight_smile:


Yes this is possible just the way @erictung has described it. But care. If the URL is not responding with the Blog it will most probably break your site.

First you should move your Blog1 in the subfolder “1” of basedir of you rootdomain.

PLEASE first try with 302 and not with 301 as it is “premanent” (cached on Browser untill you wipe cache)


Okay awesome thanks so much for your help. I will let you know if its not working lol. Hopefully it does :slight_smile:


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