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I’m new to DNS management and trying to finish off my domain set up with Cloudflare, I’m using Cloudflare registrar. Would really appreciate some help because I don’t want to do anything that would screw up mail delivery etc.

I’ve hopefully set up my MX records correctly for Office 365 but now want to just set up some simple web forwarding as I have no intention of hosting my own site.

I’ve set up the following A records in Cloudflare (non-public IP addresses, hopefully I’ve followed the instructions correctly from the support guides):


I’ve then set up the following Page Rules:
Rule 1:
If the rule matches: (edit: this isn’t displaying properly in this forum, it should read: [asterix][asterix]
Redirect to:

Rule 2:
If the rule matches:*
Redirect to:

Everything seems to be working as intended but I just want to check there is nothing I’ve missed or misconfigured that might cause problems.

My questions are:

  • Are those A records correct and should I have set them up for both the @ and www?
  • When I do a public DNS look up I can see there are now 2 A records for each of the entries I originally created (as well as some IPv6 addresses):
  • Is that correct and why is it creating two like that? Just for redundancy or something because I’ve not seen anything like it before.

Are my page rules the most efficient way to get the redirects working as intended? I just want to get anyone going to my domain via a web browser to be redirected to another site.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Whats your domain?


Your domain appears to be correctly set up. What exactly is your concern? The page rules? Could you post a screenshot of them?


Cool thanks, there were no concerns other than I know nothing and just wanted to make sure I’d done it correctly.

Specifically I didn’t know why after I created 2 A records, in the public DNS it showed 4. Maybe it’s just because Cloudflare create redundancy or some load balancing?

I guess the page rules are working but I was hoping to achieve the forwarding with one page rule rather than two.


Can you post a screenshot?


I think your own has the same 4 A records actually


These are automatic records when you enable proxying, however it shouldnt be visible in the Cloudflare dashboard. Where did you take this screenshot from?

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