Setting Up a PURL? Personalized URL

I’m trying to learn if it’s possible to set up a dynamic url from cloudflare or if i need to do this at the cpanel once i set up my site.

I want a dynamic or wildcard subdomain.

meaning anyone can put their name as the subdomain or wildcard on the domain.


[example: ‘stevedotmynewdomaindotcom’]

But it would be dynamic and can change for each person.

I’ve heard this called PURL personalized url’s
dynamic and custom.

Any help would be grateful.

Maybe this is not even possible at the registrar level.


It’s called a wildcard record, and you can create one with Cloudflare’s DNS. You put a star * as the name of the record.

You’ll need to also set up your web hosting to answer to the subdomains you want to use as well.


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