Setting up a Cloudflare DDNS using Cloudflare API

Hello, I’m trying to setup a Dynamic DNS using the Cloudflare API. I’ve searched through a ton of tutorial’s on how to do it but they all seem to be outdated or simply won’t work. If anyone could tell me how to do it that’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you

The server I’m using to dynamically update is running Ubuntu 18.04

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Can you provide more info on what DDNS tools you are using?

Sure, I am currently trying to use this tool I found on github called Cloudflare-ddns-sync-cli made by SteffenKn

All it does is use my global key or a API Key to update the IP.
I’m currently making it use my Global key

I’d recommend you use a more general (and widely supported) client like ddclient which is available on many distributions via the package manager, including Ubuntu 18.04.


Thank you

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