Setting up a call with a Zaraz developer

Hi there,

I am looking into using Zaraz on a number of our websites specifically to improve on our CWV scores that are negatively affected by 3rd party scripts.

I have been browsing the forum for a few hours now just seeing what type of issues people are running into and before I make the move to Zaraz I would like to have a chat with a developer if possible - I have seen that previously some of them have linked a ‘book a call with me - calendly’ invites but those links are from a while ago and not working (404).

Is it possible to book a call with a Zaraz developer/expert to help me with some of the questions I have around Zaraz?

Thank you in advance,

Norbert H.

If you have Zaraz questions, others on the Community probably have them as well. The Zaraz team is active on the Community and if you share your questions here they can respond for the benefit of everyone that has similar questions.