Setting up a 302 Re-Direct from one domain to another

Hi, I’m way out of my league in using Cloudflare, but I’m trying to make some magic happen for our family business. I have attempted to set up a Page Rule for a 302 Temporary Re-Direct from one of our domains to another. I read through other’s posts and my icon is orange and seems to be working for both domains. Is it possible for someone to confirm if I set up the page rule correctly?

I really appreciate any support you can provide me!


22 hours is a long time to wait to continue to communicate! lol Thank you so much to everyone who helped me so far. Im SO grateful!

You’ll have to either post a screenshot of your rule, or the redirected domain for us to check.

Oh right of course!

I set this:
Forwarding URL- 302- Temporary Redirect

There’s an asterisk before the www and after the / on the domain I’m trying to redirect and then no asterisk on the movingproperties domain name I’m hoping to direct to.

I don’t think it’s working…at all. Can you post a picture of the Page Rule?

This hostname is :grey: on the DNS dashboard. It needs to be :orange: for Page rules to apply.

Ahhh…it’s a CNAME that’s set to :grey:. Good catch.

I also suggest you modify your Rule so it matches:

That way it matches non-www as well.

Okay! You guys are making my day! Just give me a few to figure out how to turn the CNAME to orange…

And I’ll modify my rule as you suggest.

Click the :grey: and it will go into Edit mode so you can click :grey: again to toggle it to :orange:. Then save.

Okay I think I did it?

I also made the CNAME for orange as well.

It still doesn’t seem to be doing the re-direct. Do I also have to set the redirect in our original domain name server (Namespro)?

If your DNS page shows Kinsley and Lennon as your assigned name servers, this should work.

Can you post a picture of your DNS records here? It’s ok to black out any IP addresses.

Do you mean the list that comes up when I click on DNS?


I was told by a tech person I shouldn’t be touching anything in Cloudflare because it was for advanced users…But it was the only way to do the redirect. Any changes I make in Namespro will crash our email because our email hosted by Microsoft 365 is connected vis the Cloudflare DNS Nameservers.

Our brokerage (eXp) has set as a vanity add on name to the website they host (kvcore), but they insisted they couldn’t help me any further with having both our domain names direct to the same site. You’re only allowed one vanity add on name.

I’m very nervous I’m making a huge mess of things…

This can work. I don’t see the ‘www’ entry in your DNS picture. Can you scroll down a bit and post that picture also?

Can you show the entries against the www entry?

You successfully have a redirect for, but not for www.

Also, you have an entry for ftp which is :orange:. That needs to be :grey: if you are. using the FTP protocol.