Setting SSL Flexible in main domain, and Strict in the subdomain


I have a website, which does not have an SSL on the server, so i’m using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL for this domain.

But the main application is in a subdomain , this has a Let’s Encrypt SSL and is running on a different server, with a different IP address. At the moment, i using DNS only for the subdomain. But i would like it to pass through cloudflare too. :relaxed:

In my cloudflare settings, i see i only have an option to make the entire domain either flexible, full or strict. Can this be changed different, for the subdomain and the domain?

Example : Use flexible SSL for the main domain, and use strict SSL for the the subdomain?

Many thanks :pray:

You should never use Flexible. Only Full strict.

Make sure all your servers are properly configured for SSL and have valid certificates. Essentially, your URLs should be reachable fine on HTTPS before adding them to Cloudflare.

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