Setting prt record for ec2 instance

I am trying to get my head around this, rdns (ptr) inquiries should be directed towards the DNS server that hosts my records. So with my Ec2 machine, along its public IP and my records handled by cloudflare I should be able to set the PRT record from within cloudflare. But as I read online, I keep seeing posts saying to you have to coordinate with the ISP (aws in this case) who provided the IP and the ISP must set the PRT record on their side as well. Is that really needed?
In my case aws is not hosting my DNS and I am not even using route53. So what happens if aws and cloudflare having different PRT values? which one will be inquired first?

Also, how do I set a ptr record in AWS do I have to submit a ticket or something like that (given I am using cloudflare)?


That’s correct, PRT record are added to a reverse domain which usually is with your ISP, not Cloudflare. If IP ranges are owned by AWS, then the reverse domain should be handled by them.

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