Setting preferred custom domains for Cloudflare Pages?

I did a test deploy to Cloudflare Pages, but I noticed there’s an issue with not being able to set a single “preferred” custom domain preference, and have the others 301 HTTP Redirect to that.

For example, you probably don’t want the * domain variant anymore (and would prefer it be disabled or have it redirect to the custom domain vs. duplicating the pages)— but also, the www. variant is another duplicate that folks generally prefer to 301 HTTP Redirect to the root domain, or vice versa based on which is preferred.

Will we see this? I think GitHub Pages does this but I’m not seeing a way to do it here.


You cannot currently disable or redirect, this is something the team will be looking into however. I have no timeline or ETA as other features are in the works and need to be shipped first.

I know that they’re very much aware of this though.

If you would like to also throw in your own feedback to the team, the best way to do that is through Discord. The invite is: Cloudflare Workers

Cool, thanks! I’ll hop on Discord and mention it.

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