Setting NextCloud via cloudflare

hi everyone i am trying to setup nextcloud via Cloudflare and and using google domain name, installed it via dock and portainer…but cant seem to figure out the issue

cant seem to find the solution please help

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Was your Nextcloud instance working before you attempted to introduce Cloudflare into your setup?

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hi thankyou sir , yes it was now its giving me this error

After Cloudflare looped me through the Checking your connection... message several times, it eventually failed with the following:

503 Service Unavailable
The origin has been unregistered from Argo Tunnel

Permit me to rephrase my original question:

Before adding Cloudflare was it possible to access your Nextcloud instance from the public internet without error?

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havent tried public internet sir , this is my first time into linux and all these and i installed nextcloud today itself…but it was working on my home network
between sir i am installing this on a raspberry pi ubuntu server if that makes any difference

You picked a formidable project as your first foray into Linux. :astonished:
Congratulations on the success you have had so far. :penguin:

Here are some search results for ‘Cloudflare tunnel’ in the Nextcloud Community. The Cloudflare Community also has quite a few posts about Nextcloud.

Let us know if any of those discussions help you find the answer you need or if you have any additional specific questions.

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dnt know sir what was i thinking before picking up my laptop and start all this

i just want to sort this out haha il sure ask again thanks sir

sir i am seeing most are unanswered , please help me get to the right path

You are going to need to give us some specifics to work with. The screenshot you shared earlier didn’t show the error number. What is the problem you are trying to overcome?

anything u ask i can provide details sir
getting nextcloud working outside home network via Cloudflare without opening ports

please share what details ul need sir

What guide are you using and where are you getting stuck?

What was the error number that you didn’t include in your earlier screenshot?

this guide sir
from 11:30

i managed to install nextcloud and then changed the google domain dns to Cloudflare dns server

then i added site on Cloudflare and went into zero trust to add tunnels and installed via docker
after setting it up the tunnel it doesnt works

You aren’t copying the domain name and service URL from the video are you? It is hard to tell with the red lines through everything.

Are you making it to this step where you see the Nextcloud error screen?

no sir just when i click on public hostname it gives me error page , also i can share everything but this is a public forum and revealing ip can be unsafe
is there any telegram or discord i can share with you sir

Revealing RFC1918 IPs is pretty low risk, since someone has to be connected to your LAN in order to use them.

There is a Cloudflare Discord, and I do not currently have an account there, it might not hurt to pop on there yourself and see if anyone with more Cloudflare tunnel experience has some ideas.

Thanks for sharing the full error screen. In addition to the Discord, you might also take a look at the Community Tips for error 502 in the Tutorial.

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these are some set up i have done sir please mark the mistake


also sir in this image do i have to enter my pi ip address or ip that is given by my isp

pi address is and by isp is

That is DNS management. I thought you are setting up a tunnel.

I recommend that you cross-reference your YouTube video with the Tunnel Guide in the Cloudflare Documentation.

Thanks sir. Actually i want to be double sure that i dont mess things up this time

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