Setting nameserver for all subdomains

I need to set a different nameserver for all my subdomains. Normally you should be able to do that by setting a NS record for * pointing to the new nameserver. But I get the error below. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or if this is possible with Cloudflare?

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) invalid or missing name

Hi @ge5683,

I don’t think wildcards can be used in NS records at all.

From RFC 1034:

Wildcard RRs do not apply:

  • When the query is in another zone. That is, delegation cancels
    the wildcard defaults.

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Thanks for the quick answer

I’m testing on namecheap’s DNS server now. Seems to work but waiting for it to propagate.

Tried every trick I could think of, but it looks like you are correct. Thanks again

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