Setting my domain to forward to a Nexudus site

I’m trying to use these instructions ( to forward my domain elementroc. com to my nexudus platform. I’ve set the A record and CNAME, and then deleted the A record and added it back in.

Now I’m getting a timed out notification when trying to access the domain

Can someone please help me sort this out?!

You have done the Cloudflare part correctly. Now requests are made at with as host in header. You need to tell that belongs to you so they can handle requests appropriately when they have as host header.

Just checked and it is working.

I have already done that.

And I’m still getting the 522 error when i try to go to the site.

Ask them to whitelist Cloudflare IPs. CF works ad reverse proxy to their server and sends many requests from few IPs so they treat the behavior falselyas an attack.

Nexudus said: That is already the case. All CF IPs are white-listed.

Running this command (without www there would be a 301 Moved Permanently to Location:

curl -v -H 'Host:' > response.html

The server with and without your domain as host doesn’t seem to be related to Nexudus.

I’m really not sure what that means. What steps do I need to take? I eliminated the domain from the Nexudus listings (it said to list and

Ask Nexudus if IP is their IP or not, since IP belongs to WWWizer and it just redirects naked domain to www subdomain (i.e. to

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