Setting MX Records for a subdomain

A subdomain has been added to G Suite, but it’s not clear where the MX record should be set in the Cloudflare dashboard. We already use for our email in G Suite, and have now added into the G Suite console - this has worked fine, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to add MX records for a subdomain

Has anyone done this?

You’d just select Mx type from the dropdown and rhen specify the name of the subdomain in the first field (e.g. if your subdomain is you’d put foo in the first field) and then specify the gsuite hosts in the Mx records. Same for TXT and validation records. Just add them for the subdomain with the values needed.

Thank you very much, @cs-cf! To clarify, for email validation, Google requires the name to be google._domainkey and then the value v=DKIM1…

So how would the TXT be entered for that subdomain? With ‘foo’ in the first field, the authentication would fail (are am I thinking of this wrong?)

I think it should work assuming you’re signing up it is going to look for a txt record for (or at least it should).

Ah, that might be the problem. I haven’t sent up the subdomain as a separate site, but just a CNAME in the TLD site.

Thanks for your help, @cs-cf, appreciate it.

Ah well to be clear I meant signing up with gmail/ gsuite… within Cloudflare you can manage that all under your existing domain. as a TXT record is still probably the right path within Cloudflare.