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Hello, I have a similar error I think, today I changed the host, and I bet the new ip to the 4 A records in my Cloudflare account, but now after 5 hours from the change, my site is still down, I changed only the address of the records or did I also have to change the name of the record? Or I have to create a new one completely, because now if I go to my site I get error 525 and reading in the Cloudflare support page may depend on the ssl certificate not installed on the new server, but if the domain remains on the old register the certificate does not remain active ? The new hosting is godaddy

No, you only need to change the IPs to point to your new host, you don’t need to change the name of the records

This is most likely true

The certificate should be installed on your host’s server, not your domain registrar. You will need to install a cert on your new hosting’s server. You can generate an origin certificate in the SSL/TLS app of your Cloudflare dashboard which you can use, or you can install your own.

What is your domain @prova923?

This appears to be a new issue, @cloonan, @sandro or one of the other ‘people with power’!!!, Could you maybe put this in a new topic please! :slight_smile:

My site is hentaizone . me

Yes, looks like that could well be the issue,

Thanks @sandro

The site actually loads for me.

It does over HTTP but not if you enter HTTPS for me

True, the usual certificate issue. Either not installed or incorrectly set up.

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