Setting domain still cannot get HTTPS

i’m new to here.
i had register domain on .tk
and my hosting server is on Plesk Obsidian

i want my website had https on it. but i already using A record www and my to my IP: x.x.x.x proxy status to DNS only
and setting SSL/TLS to Flexible

and changing name server in my freenom to cloud.ns but my website still not update https.

Did i set sometihng wrong as i don’t have any experiance on this .

anyone can help me ?

Best Regards,

DNS only is your problem. Any hostname that you want to use Cloudflare features with needs to be :orange:, so flip the two entries you are interested in.

There might be an article or two recommending that you put a certificate on your origin and use Full or Full Strict instead of Flexible.


thankyou very much , i will try for it .

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