Setting DNS CNAME records for game servers, not able to use Cloudflare proxy

Hello. Thanks for reading this post. I host a terraria server at home and I use a Cloudflare cname dns record to access it externally. I do this with a reverse proxy that runs locally. Someone can reach my game at terraria. mydomain .com (not my exact address).

I have noticed that if I try to use the Cloudflare proxy when creating a dns record, it is not possible to connect to the server. So I turned off the proxy and it works fine. But is this a significant security risk? Or is it inevitable that my ip address must be revealed in order for external access to a game server?

My home IP address changes from time to time, so my hope is to use a persistent url, without being too risky. I think another option may be to use a SRV record, but I’m not as familiar with that.

Thanks again.

yes (the free plans on) Cloudflare only support http, websockets,… Proxying. The problem when exposing your address is that in the event of (D)DoSing that Cloudflare can’t do anything against it, but on the other hand you tell every website your IP when visiting it. I can’t find it right now, if Cloudflare offers it in a paid plan, but maybe that would be an option.

SRV Records are for port-discovery only, not IP-Adresses. For a dynamic ip, you need a Dynamic DNS Updater (a script which checks your up from time to time, if it changes editing the new A record via the Cloudflare API).

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Thanks. That cleared a few things up for me. I do actually use Cloudflare spectrum for my self hosted Minecraft server, but spectrum only lets you run Minecraft or ssh on my plan (pro plan). I wish there was something between the pro plan ($20/month) and the business ($200/month) plan.

Spectrum makes it easy, but it has no way to dynamically update my IP. I have my router configured to update Cloudflare upon an IP change, but you have to type the ip into the spectrum web UI when adjusting spectrum.

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