Setting CNAME Record To Map to My Own Domain for Podbean podcast

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hope someone can help:

I trying to Map My Own Domain To My Podbean podcast Site. I currently have my own business website and my podcast show notes are on the this page as well under: This is also where I’d like to map podbean to.

I tried following this guide here:

But it says something about " you need to first delete the “A” records for both your root domain and www." I don’t want to mess up my existing website.

Here are my DNS records:

I believe I have a redirect in my .htaccess from to (not sure if that is relevant, but mentioning it just in case).

Is this possible what I’m trying to do?

DNS can’t map to subdirectories. The best you can do is CNAME it as a subdomain, like

Thanks for the reply. OK, so is there a way I could at least redirect the to

It sounds like you want your Podbean content to be served under your domain. The only way to get Podbean to show up in your domain is to CNAME it as a subdomain.

When you say "Redirect" to your domain, a “Redirect” means someone who goes to gets sent to an existing page on your website…but that won’t be Podbean content.

So now I’m a little confused. It sounds like you have two things:

  1. A Podcast that’s on the podbean website (I’m not familiar with it, but it looks pretty much like a blog full of podcasts).
  2. Show notes on your own website.

And those are two separate pages. What do you want visitors to see when they visit Your show notes, or that Podcast playlist?

Sorry, for not being clear. I’m kind of way out of my comfort level. :pensive:

I currently have the show notes for all my episodes here

Currently, if you click on “Visit Episode Website” in iTunes podcast app it takes you to the site This is basically just a standard web template with the episodes /w player and the description in a post/blog format and is the standard setting in their accounts.

Podbean does have the option to let you use your own domain so that --> or

What I want is to have people that click on “Visit Episode Website” in iTunes podcast app, be taken to, essentially hiding the domain.

As I have the player embedded into the page I’m not worried about the actual content, but don’t want to use their standard website template that don’t look very pretty and use the

I don’t know if this is a stupid idea and what ramification this might have (just thought of this), but what if I:

  1. create an empty subdomain (no WP installation)
  2. then have that redirected to
  3. add is an alias of to CF as a CNAME and change that in Podbean.

Sounds good to me. Each of those steps looks correct. This tutorial should get you headed in the right direction for Step 2. You’ll be using that CNAME instead of the “A” record. Hopefully Podbean won’t break if you set that CNAME to :orange:.

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Thanks @sdayman for the help!

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