Setting Cloudflare with google sites

I have zero idea about website development, web hosting. So I read its really easy to make sites with google sites. I spent couple of hours and made a simple site for my local business. It looked good, so I got a domain name for free from local web service provider.
I also read somewhere its easy to work with web services intermediary and was recommended Cloudflare. So I set up my domain with Cloudflare and now I have no idea how to link my google sites to custom domain/Cloudflare.
Google sites asks for verification of ownership and I dont understand any technical terms, it provides cname or txt for verification and I have no idea where to put them. Somebody please help me

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Thank you for asking.

No problem at all. We can’t know all and everything :wink:

Cool, sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

Just to clearify and confirm, this means you have successfully registered and created a Cloudflare account (possibly you have had to verify it via your associated e-mail) and added your domain name to it, correct? :thinking:

Therfore, may I ask if you already did, or you have to do, change the domain nameservers at your domain registrar and pointe them to the ones which were provided to you through the process of adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account? :thinking:

From the link below, you’d follow the instructions from the section “Use a domain you own that is registered elsewhere”:

Furthermore, from the section “Verify ownership of your domain”, you’d have to log into the Cloudflare dashboard using your Cloudflare account credentials and navigate to the DNS tab, or easier click on the following link from below:

After that, to add a new DNS entry (record/hostname), we should have to click on the blue button saying “Add Record”. From the dropdown menu, we can choose TXT for type, therefore enter the symbol @ - or rather what Google says maybe there is some string/text we should enter into the “input field” and below it is a large textarea into which we copy-paste the given verification text/code from Google you’d get.

Helpful article which has got step-by-step instructions how to manage and add a new DNS record (you can click on it and click on > TXT record to show the steps and described in picture) for our domain name using Cloudflare dasboard here:

After we have filled the fields with the given data from Google, we click on the blue button “Save” to apply the changes and save it.

Nevertheless, we might have to wait for some time for Google to process those changes and re-check/detect that new TXT record for verification as it’s described 24-48hours:

Feel free to share your domain name here with us, so we could use online tools to check if you correctly added your new DNS record for Google verification process :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to ask more questions so we could assist you with it.


Thank you for your response. That was awesome.
I have already put the nameservers Cloudflare gave in domain registrar and after around 24 hrs, it was accepted and the site status shows live in my Cloudflare account.(that was a while ago)
Now, I have done “add record” for the verification txt code under DNS management. Put “@” in name(no other details were provided by google) and 1 hour in TTL and pasted the code inside big box and saved.
I guess I’ll wait for 48 hours now or until the site is verified.
Thank you again. I’m so glad you put so much effort to help me.
and my domain is

Thank you for feedback.

I checked and I see you might be missing an A or CNAME record for naked (root) domain and/or www prefix.

Meaning, we’d have to use the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard and add the needed records to fix this.

To fix this, I found the article from below which might help us here:

I believe we would also have to add a second CNAME record as mentioned in the step 9.

Or, as mentioned in the step 11 on the other article I found here:

I don’t know how “new” your Google Sites is, so just to add below article for any additional related information.
New Google Sites now supports mapping (custom domain) <subdomain>.<yoursite>.<extension> to (Google Sites URL)<project-name>/<site-name> . If using a domain registrar other than Google itself you might have to change the domain’s zone file CNAME record at the registrar to resolve the newly mapped domain name, as the mapping form explains as it applies the mapping.

Thank you for the response.
The site ownership was not verified through TXT. And now I have added CNAME provided by google following the steps on the first link of porkbun.
Google provided host/target, porkbun had options of host/answer and Cloudflare has name/target. Im hoping all those are same.
Hopefully the site gets verified this time.
Thank you for your help.

I’m sorry to bother you again.
But I have tried everything. I have added the TXT verification and CNAME to the dns in Cloudflare(individually and both at once). I dont know what else to do.

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