Setting Cloudflare name servers

Hello, my Registrar doesn’t allow to add just name servers, it requires the IPs also, how should I set the Cloudflare name servers?
should I keep my name servers IP and change just name servers of Cloudflare?

They should require the IP only when “glue” is required (which is only the case when the nameservers are host under the same domain), which is obviously not the case here. I’d clarify that with them, the hostnames should be sufficient.

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You can look up the IP address of your nameservers here:


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The lookup shouldnt be the problem. I’d rather be concerned if there is a guarantee the IP never changes. Bottom line is you dont need the IP unless you need glue which you only need with custom nameservers in Cloudflare’s case.

Some oddball registrars insist on that IP address because…no good reason. So just plug it in and they’ll be happy.

Stress on oddball and while it is certainly doable in this case I wonder if the registrar will compensate the customer if the IP addresses change and the site goes down because of this unreasonable requirement. Time for another registrar, it would seem :slight_smile:

Though maybe it will turn out it actually was not for the nameservers but simple glue. :man_shrugging:

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