Setting CF nameservers finishes with another nameservers


I would like to ask for help. I want to complete my nameserver setup but it doesn’t work the way I want. On my domain registrar I set and to my domain’s nameservers, but after the process finishes, the domain’s nameservers are and I repeated several times but the result always this. What can I do?

Thats a a common issue with many European domains and your domain must be already active on another Cloudflare account. Can you manage it via that account? Otherwise remove it from there.

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The domain is x.y. I don’t know about it that the domain is registered with another Cloudflare account.

Most likely the same issue.

Cloudflare currently announces barbara and coby. Can you manage it via that other account?

In this case you will have to open a support ticket.

The domain was active on another CF account. Thank you for the help.