Setting in Linux "Pop-OS" V 19.10

Hi there,

I searched through the board and found instructions for setting um in Linux. So far so good, but they can not be applied to the latest (19.10) Pop-OS… :cry:
This is what happes:

When trying to edit the resolv.conf with vim editor it says: “do not touch” :wink:

When trying to enter the DNS Adresses using the WLAN properities it looks like that and I recon I still did not grasp the right entries…?:

All above I click on the IPv4 TAB, choose the “manual” method (what is “link local”?) , then in the field for DNS entries I enter those given for IPV4, separated by “,” nothing else. Then I switch the automatic DNS “OF”. Further I make no entries, i.e. no “routes”.

I do the equal for IPv6, when ticking IPv6 method “manually” a new field opens up: “Adresses”, which I leave blank. I enter those: “2606:4700:4700::1111,2606:4700:4700::1001” in the DNS field, and again leave “routes” blank as well for the IPv4. Again Switch of the DNS “automatically”.

Unfortunately the “Apply” field stays grey, so applying those changes is not possible…

I would be so happy if anyone here could give me an advice for solving this…

Best regards

pop-os doesn’t show up in any search results here. Judging from the version number, it’s Ubuntu-based. But since it sounds like you’re using their GUI, you might have to contact System76 for assistance, or visit stackoverflow to find out how to do it via command line.

Hi sdayman and thank you. Ja, it’s ubuntu based. I posted in subreddit pop-os, but without help that led to a solution… hence I tried this forum…

:+1: For your help!!!