Set won't load err too many redirects

Monday I was working WordPress on site with no problems. Then the site started to load slowly with a spinning wheel as if it never completed severing the page, and then it did not load at all including a truncated wp-admin that could not even list plugins to turn off. I can’t fathom how that happened so quickly after working fine minutes earlier.

After chatting with WordPress support they reported the site is pointing to Cloudflare instead of wp dot com so it’s producing multiple redirects as Cloudflare is using as the target domain instead of

WordPress support says the Redhawks site is pointing to Cloudflare first causing multiple back-and-forth redirects instead of to WordPress -->Cloudflare.

=======I see that your domain is pointing to Cloudflare servers before redirecting to your WordPress dot com site.

This might be the reason why you had those issues. Have you tried to contact their support? Have you enabled the domain again, on Cloudflare, to see if you can use it again?======

I think the first thing would be to straighten out why the URL is being used and change that to just the top domain, yes?

I noticed your ticket with Support, try logging out and back in to see if you see the plan change. It is not uncommon for it to take a bit to ripple the systems.

The error too many redirects is typically caused by a redirect on the origin server, this tip ( or click the too many redirects link) may help

I suspect it’s #4 in the tip, btw.

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