Set up rules

How do I set up a rule to insert all files with a .doc extension, for example, into any folder in the domain?

I am sorry but that question doesnt make much sense. You dont insert anything into any directory with Cloudflare.

Can you provide a few examples of what you want to achieve?

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Taking a shot in the dark here but are you thinking of something like Microsoft Flow?

It would be page rule, example.*.doc that covers all subfolders,, and so on.

And what is the problem in setting up that page rule?

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I wonder if this rule will cover all subfolders that have files with .doc extension. Or if I have to create a rule also for each subfolder, such as:

It should. Havent you tried that? Ten days is a long time to try out something like this :smile:

How do I see that it is working? Is there any option on the panel? I was disappointed by the response time, had not seen that you had answered :slight_smile:

You set it up and test it. I’d suggest you do it right away so we can debug it live here on the forum. Also, post a screenshot of the page rule.

The reponse time was actually not bad, only nine minutes :wink:

I created 2 links and

Do you have a particular reason for that page rule? DOCX files are cached by default

The files are run through the cache in your case, however there is always a cache miss. Do you have any other page rules set up?

Yes, for mp4 files.*.mp4, will this rule apply to subdirectories? Thank you.

Yes, that rule should include sub-directories as well.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rules and cache settings? Unless you have some rule which bypasses everything you shouldnt need the “cache everything” rule as these files are cached by default.

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