Set-up question: Extended nameserver propagation time

I’m trying to set up my site with Cloudflare and am still having issues resolving the nameservers. The records were changed over a week ago, and hitting the “Check nameservers” button seems to do nothing (I received one email a week ago saying that the site could not be added because the nameservers were not yet pointing to Cloudflare, but have received no similar emails since). The site is not accessible at the moment, throwing an SSL protocol error.

My domain is (I’m making this post on a personal account rather than the one managing the website.)

When I look up the domain on various DNS resolvers, they all point to the proper Cloudflare NS, but attempting to do a WHOIS lookup or run a DNSSEC analyzer, they still point to the old NS.

One detail I found is that the new Cloudflare NS are found in the authoritative NS RRset, while the old ones are found in the delegation NS RRset. However, I am not well versed enough in this to know what that means, and if that is a cause or an effect.

I am attempting to point the site to Webflow, a hosting company, and prior to running it through Cloudflare, there had been issues connecting the two, which is what prompted me to try Cloudflare. I am not in control of the domain, and have to update any records through an employee of the registrar.

Happy to provide anymore information, would much appreciate any guidance on this issue.

You need to update your nameservers at your registrar.


Yeah no I did that. Like I said it’s been over a week since it was updated and it’s showing the correct nameservers in some places and the old ones in other places.

No. The change is made where you manage your DNS not at your registrar. May be 2 different interfaces at the same website but your registrar has not been updated.

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Your registrar has the following set for your DNS:

Name Server:
Name Server:

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