Set-up Outlook and DDNS


I have two domains on Google Domains and unfortunately these are going to be migrated to Squarespace as Google is closing the business.

One of my domains is .com and the other one .page.

I wanted to know if Cloudflare would be a viable option to transfer my domains so I have a few questions:

  • Based this topic I assume .page is now supported by Cloudflare?
  • On my .com domain I have set-up my work e-mail with Microsoft 365 (Cloud Office/Outlook). Is it possible to transfer my set-up?
  • I also need to set-up a Dynamic DNS for my .com domain to work with my Synology NAS. Is this something Cloudflare supports?

I’m already profoundly disliking that there is no way to contact Cloudflare directly and I am forced to post on the public forums.

Any help would be appreciated otherwise.

.page is in the TLD list so can be transferred

Cloudflare does not provide mailboxes, only mail forwarding from your domain name to another email address so you would need to keep your MS365 mail or another service and add the appropriate DNS records.

Not directly, but the Cloudflare API allows for scripts to update the DNS and many people have written such scripts you can find to use.
Alternatively you could CNAME to Synology’s DDNS hostname of your NAS.

Free or cheap is only possible that way. More support options come with higher plans…


Thank you for the pricing plan link, I’ll try to contact sales to see if they can give more info.

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