Set up on router, computer, or both

Should one set up the Cloudflare DNS settings within one’s home router, individual PCs/Macs, or both?

If it wouldn’t lead to any conflicts, is there any reason why both wouldn’t receive this treatment? I’m thinking while at home at connected to the router- either via direct connection or WiFi- the router settings would receive preference but while remote, the Cloudflare DNS settings would supersede the WiFi source’s DNS distribution scheme?

Am I thinking about this correctly?


Well a few things I would consider here.

  1. On most machines the LAN settings for IPs won’t override the Wifi settings, so you’d need to change the settings when you visited Starbucks manually.
  2. If it’s just you in the house then router settings may be just fine. I have a change control review board I have to pass through to make changes to my home router (apparently i broke our network too many times and now have to get approval before I’m allowed to touch the network/ routers). So I have changed my work and home computers, but other devices deemed shared I have left alone so that I don’t get in trouble.

I do both. Just to be sure I don’t miss anything.

And, as @cs-cf said, you need to add it to every outside wireless network you join.