Set up issues -help

Apologies if this is a dumb ■■■ question. This is my first journey into setting up a web site so not 100% on the process and terms.

-I have purchased a domain name from Fast Host (uk)
-Set up hosting on SIteGround, added my domain and created a blank site
-Created an account on Cloudflare, added my site.

When the Doman records are returned there appears to only be two, although in site ground there are 8 or 9 entries. Any idea why these aren’t being pulled through? Missing are the MX etc

Also CF states I must update name server address, on which site should this be done? I assume Fast host? will this then permeate to Sitegound?

SIteground does have a built-in CF interface, I was told not to use it as the features where limited. Is that correct?

Cloudflare doesn’t always catch all the DNS records, though MX should be an easy one to get. Regardless, anything that doesn’t automatically scan over needs to be manually added to your DNS at Cloudflare. The end result should be that DNS records at Cloudflare that match the DNS record at your host.

You need to update your registered domain’s Name Servers at Fast Host.

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