Set up enrollment for Windows devices by using Microsoft Intune


I can’t seem to append the UPN to the CNAME per the instructions attached. Do I have to pay $20 a month for this functionality? Or will support add this for me?


There shouldn’t be anything there that needs more than the free plan, nor is support needed.

What exactly is the problem when you try to create the record?


The Contoso DNS admin should create the following CNAMEs:


When I add the, nothing happens - it goes blank and doesn’t display the appendage.


Is your domain If not, you should be creating the record in your own domain instead.

More specifically, you don’t need to specify the entire domain, you should just need to create a record called enterpriseenrollment which points to the correct destination. And the same for EnterpriseRegistration if needed.

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There is a good chance it is if the OP’s surname is Guthrie :wink:

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Everything should work on all plans and just to confirm what both @thedaveCA and @sandro asked, is a fictional example like which should be replaced with your real domain name.

Now your CNAME record should be entered like this.


Name (not

Value (make sure it’s with -s)

What (if any) enrollment failures are you seeing in the Azure portal, have you tried CNAME verification and have you previously enrolled Android/Apple/Windows devices?


For the record, I didnt ask :smile: I remember from Raymond Chen’s explanation that Contoso is Microsoft’s internal dummy company. It is a registered domain though.

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Lacking all forms of caffeine @ 8am the Scott Guthrie reference completely sailed right past me. I’m now laughing uncontrollably. :smile: Thanks.

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I wondered if that wasn’t true. Thanks.

#10 has been Microsoft’s example domain for about 10 years. I used the example as cited in the referenced article above. I failed to use my actual domain in question to protect the privacy of my client.

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Microsoft’s example reads but I gather that the UPN is inferred as it’s coming from the account with that domain.

I’m not having any errors except that the record reverts to enterpriseenrollment even if I try to add the UPN.

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