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Hi I already fill out MX records. What will I do next? How will I’m going to set up an email for my domain?

Email depends on your email host. They should be able to direct you on how to set it up. Keep in mind some special instructions when using Cloudflare:

I already set up the MX records but it “dns only” instead of a grey cloud.

This is good, MX records do not result in traffic that can pass through Cloudflare. You should be good to receive mail.

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Hi How do I set up an Email? Do I need another mailhost or email provider like bluehost?

Your web host or domain registrar are responsible for providing email services, not Cloudflare. Check the documentation you got when you purchased a web hosting account.

Most email servers can be accessed by POP3 or IMAP. Again, check the FAQ or welcome email from your hosting company. If you are hosted on a Bluehost server, there is an entire section in your control panel dealing with email setup and spam filters.

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