Set up email forwarding with cloudflare

After following the steps in the article below the forwarding still does not work. When I reached out to Google they said that “I know that the records are added already but still having issues, which means there must be some DNS configurations needed in the Cloudflare panel.” Are there any additional records that need to be added to our Cloudflare DNS that I am missing? Workspace is still fully functional and emails are being sent and received as expected. I requested access to the email feature of Cloudflare, but we are trying to get the system setup to help cut costs for a non-profit, and even a temporary fix until we are granted access would be great appreciated.


Thank you for asking.

May I ask, are you currently useing Google Workspace for non-profits or?
It’s free service:

Cloudflre Email Routing (forwarding) feature cannot be used to send out emails. Cloudflare free Email Forwarding feature allows you to create personalized email addresses for your domain name and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

Cloudflare Email Routing (beta) is an email forwarding service that does not allow creating fully-featured email accounts and send outgoing emails from [email protected] , since it’s a virtual email address. You may consider some 3rd-party Email service provider, which allows creating such an email account to send e-mails within your domain name [email protected] .

Nevertheless, Google Workspace has got feature to add alias email addresses and even an option to add and configure the catch-all-address, in case if needed.

I would not recommend to mix both of them.

Please, consider a lot of customers who requested this are still waiting for it to be activated for their domains and we all need to have a little bit more patience :wink:

Usually within 6 weeks (or earlier) upon requesting access to Email Routing (Beta), this feature will be activated for your domain name.

You have to add your domain name to your Cloudflare account to use this feature.

More additional information about this feature can be found at the link below:

From the link above which you posted, you may have to add the needed MX records as stated under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

In case you need help with adding new or editting existing DNS records, kindly the instructions are written at the articles from below:

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And thank you for that reply. I did end up getting access to the Beta Email feature of Cloudflare, but it appears to not be compatible with google workspace which is understandable.

I guess my main question now is has anyone else had success with getting the email forwarding to work through google domains with Cloudflare?

This link makes it seem so east, but even after asking Google support they did not have a good answer and kept trying to blame Cloudflare’s DNS which did not make sense to me.

It should work out of box actually.

Only records needed are dkim, mx and spf, which Cloudflare automatically inserts into your domain, when you enable the beta feature.

In case you want a two way routing instead on only forward. We have a service called Mutant Mail.

What gave you the impression that Cloudflare Email Routing doesn’t work with Google Workspace?

It worked just fine with my Google Workspace, I see no reason why it wouldn’t also work with yours - assuming it was configured correctly.

The link you provided from Google Support is if you want to use Google Domains’ email forwarding. But if you’re trying to implement Cloudflare’s Email Routing, then you need to use Cloudflare’s instructions - not Google’s.

But beyond that, why are you interested in moving away from Google Workspace? I realize Google has recently announced that Workspace will no longer continue to be free, however it will still be free for registered non-profits.

Thanks for such an informative post. I really found it helpful while setting up my website. [Preformatted text](