Set up email address

Hi, can someone help me with how to create an email domain? I already sent a request.
What’s the next step?

Thank you.

If you are referring to Cloudflares email forwarding product, that has not been released yet. So the next step is “wait”.


So, just to confirm… I can’t yet set up the email address on my domain, right?

No but you can use third-party service

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You can, but you need a mailbox somewhere that will accept the email. Cloudflare does not currently provide such a service. When email routing is released you will be able to create rules that will forward emails sent to to your existing mailbox (Hotmail, Gmail etc). They will not host the actual mailboxes.

If you have an existing mailbox provider, you can setup the DNS records (MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC) needed on your Cloudflare account. Common providers are Office 365, Google Workspace, and most hosting providers provide some form of mailbox. Your provider will tell you what records are needed.

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Wait till thanksgiving, Santa or easter type of wait. TIA

The documentation appears to be ready, so hopefully not too long, but nobody knows for sure. Write a letter to Santa, he might know!


Is it published?

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