Set up dkim in cloudflare

Hey, I just moved to Cloudflare and I’m new to DNS in general.
I got from my amazon SES (simple email service) DKIM CNAME records that looks something like this:

val: mySecretKey1._domainkey.myDomain target:
val: mySecretKey2._domainkey.myDomain target:
val: mySecretKey3._domainkey.myDomain target:
But I don’t know how to put them in Cloudflare. just use the full value and full target but it is not working for me.
what is the currect format the DKIM value and target should be?

Hi @nhrnhr0,

Firstly, the secret key should not be in the DNS record. If you are being given these values to add to a text record, that will be the public key. In your case, the part you are referring to is the selector, this should look something like it does here, when you add it to your dashboard.

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