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I had Cloudflare for years maintaining by my website developer. Since he left I had someone else taking care of the website plus Cloudflare and since then, the traffic volume decreased substantially.
I am investigating where is the problem and also thought to look into CF however I have no idea how to set it up correctly and to see if something we set is blocking users from entering the site.

Any recommendations on what to do to begin?


Hm, maybe there were some security options or Firewall rules being enabled which could potentially protect but also possible to block a part of the Web traffic you have had for your website (or blocking a Google crawler to index your website) - regarding the SEO?

May I ask how and where did you spot it? Using Google Analytics or?

May I ask what is your domain name?
Are you sure your domain is still using Cloudflare services?

I am not 100% sure how can Cloudfalre drive more Web traffic or even restore it back to you if so (regarding the stated possibillity of having some strict security options enabled).

I do know that Cloudflare can help and improve your page speed loading, improve security and give you much other benefits.

Thanks for the reply. I mainly base the traffic decrease on the number of leads we are receiving. I am trying to look for the source of the problem but the received forms have drop instantly.
There are 3 blockers I found however and they related to the country, bots a one more I am not sure what was it for but nothing was blocked there.
My domain is, I believe it still using CF.

Any help will be appreciated.
Tal. W

As I do not know the nature of the leads, how are they showing up and where do they appear and send the user, if it is related to a marketing, did you counted the users using an adblock?

Just to make sure, are these like contact forms or some other “forms” term in marketing?
If so, just assumption, maybe some “conflict” with the JS scripts on the Website and Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader option being enabled?

Or, the mail server changed or they are comming to the wrong e-mail address?

As far as you found 3 blockers in I assume Firewall Rules, right?
Moreover, I have checked and yes. The nameservers are still the Cloudflare ones and yes by the HTTP headers your domain is using Cloudflare.

The email setup is working properly, I still receive requests from time to time however it was reduced extensively.
I do not have any ads so there should not be any difference with adblock (if I understand you correctly).
Yes- contact forms. And yes- firewall Rules

“If so, just assumption, maybe some “conflict” with the JS scripts on the Website and Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader option being enabled?” - I am not really sure what you mean here but it sound that you have a direction to look into. Can you help me understand?
Thanks again!


Example, I remember there were topics where people written about having some issues on WordPress websites using Contact Forms 7 plugin and also using Cloudflare.
Further, it was discovered that an Rocket Loader option was enabled for their domains and that Contact forms could not be submitted - would end up not sending the message at all or some other error showing up (or not visible to the user, but visible at the Developer Tools Console at Mozilla or Chrome Web browser).

Can you check if you have Rocket Loader option enabled?:

Navigate to Cloudflare dashboard → Speed → Optimization → scroll down to find Rocket Loader option.

More information what does the Rocket Loader option exactly do and improve and also if it causes some issues can be found here:

So they either needed to apply the below suggestions for certain JavaScript files or completly disable (Turn Off) the Rocket Loader option at Cloudflare dashboard:

I have checked and it seems that the Rocket Loader is on however it is indicated that it was changed over 2 years ago so I do not know if that is the issue.
Nevertheless, I think I will turn it off now and speak with the website developer to make sure the Javascript complys with the Rocket Loader requiremtns.
Does that sounds right? Do you have any other suggestion purhaps?
Thank you

That is a good way to go for sure.

In fact if not any security options like Bot management options, I am not so sure.

  • which could block bad traffic like crawlers and other spider bots accesing your website - could have some effect on the total number of the users/visits/page views in Analytics as a web traffic - but, if they were bots, I believe they either would not fill the forms too …

I would kindly and patiently wait for someone else to reply too and check what they think about your case or to share some of their experience or suggestions if they have some.

I really appreciate all your help.
Thank you very much!

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