Set up cloudfare through hostinger

When I am trying to set up cloudfare through hostinger, it is giving me following error "cloudfare is already activated for under different account.If you want to enable cloudfare through this partner,please login to your cloudfare account and choose’disconnect’ on your cloudfare DNS setting page. When I am logged in to my cloudfare account, there is no site and no disconnect option

Could it be on a different account? If not, you would probably have to contact support to get this checked.

Hi @getwele, it looks like you added and then deleted the zone from your Cloudflare account prior to trying to add it via a partner. You can either re-add it directly with Cloudflare and then change your name servers or add it via a partner and follow their instructions. Either way, I suspect you hit a timing issue when you tried to add via a partner; I just tried to add to a test account and did not receive an error message.

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