Set up Appsflyer branded link with Cloudflare

Hi there

I’m struggling to connect a CNAME file between my Appsflyer account and the Cloudflare account.

I made an attempt to set up a CNAME file in Cloudflare, but the get an error stating “Appsflyer CNAME not found”.

In the image below, Appsflyer instructs the subdomain to be called “click”. I named my CNAME file ‘click’ with content “” where the ‘abcdef’ is a substitute for my domain. Am I going at this correctly?

Is onelink you? It would seem that the ‘customlinks’ part is not necessary. Maybe it should be like this (make sure it’s in DNS-Only mode):

Thanks for the quick feedback @sdayman!

Creating the CNAME in DNS-Only mode did the trick! I previously created it as

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