Set up an email address


Im fairly simple when it comes to the technical sides of the internet. I managed to muddle my way through it on an old company i owned but i didnt have my website with cloudflare and am having trouble this time around.

Ive set up an email routing in cloudflare with my info@(Companyname).com and have it routing emails to an outlook account i have but i want to set the info@(Companyname).com email address as an actual email address that i can access on my phone and set up in outlook instead of having all the emails just forward from there to another email address. Im pretty much just wanting to look a little more professional having a company email address over an one.

Does anyone know how to do this on Cloudflare or do i need to use a third party website for that?


Cloudflare only does email forwarding and not a full email service. You need to use a third party service for email storage and sending.


Thanks SJR, appreciate the fast response.

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